Actual Customer Quotes

Hannu Heikkinen

HSL Runs on Trivore

HSL is the largest public transportation system in Finland with some 1.2 million riders and more than 370 million journeys annually. Our mission-critical identity infrastructure is built on the Trivore Identity Service with a wide set of integrations to our business systems.

Trivore is a valued partner that helps us make public traffic in Helsinki flow smoothly.

– Hannu Heikkinen
Director of Technology Solutions


Caverion counts on Trivore

Trivore is a valued partner for Caverion. Their solutions help us run our operation more efficiently and provide even better service to our customers.

– Antti-Pekka Virjonen
R&D Manager


Fujitsu trusts Trivore

Trivore EMM is a key product in our mobile solution portfolio and we provide cutting-edge services with it to demanding enterprise customers such as the largest national logistics company in Finland.                              

– Pentti Soini
Mobile Service Development Manager