Our Services

We take pride in our professional services. We help customers deploy our products, integrate with various systems, and develop custom enterprise applications for them.

We're serious about integrations

Enterprise software is all about integrating with various systems that make your company tick. That is why our solutions are highly integrable and we have a lot of experience from integrations into all kinds of systems imaginable.

The right tools

  • The main toolsets we use today for integrations are Apache ServiceMix, and Spring Boot micro-services.

  • ServiceMix is very high quality, widely used, offers good support for 100+ sources and destinations, and having free license makes it cost efficient.

  • Spring Boot integratons have different life cycle and requirements are often different from ServiceMix use cases.

Decades of experience

  • Information systems integration has been our core business since early 1990s when we delivered our first solution to health care.

  • Times and technologies have changed, but the basic challenge has mostly remained.

Can-do attitude

  • We are passionate about our work and we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed

  • We love challenges and solving them

  • Maintaining our extreme customer satisfaction and loyalty is our north star

If you need it, we can build it

We build secure formally certifiable solutions that meet our customers exacting technical and business needs.

Cost-effective process

  • Our extensive experience and agile methods help us be cost-effective

  • We do not have high-priced sales people or fancy offices – and you get the savings

Our areas of expertise

  • We have built healthcare solutions since 1991, and IoT software since it was called M2M.

  • When customers have formal requirements for certifications and approvals, we are ready for that.

  • We specialize in back-end and infrastructure solutions but have partners that specialize in UI and UX.

Flexible approach

  • We can create  small tools or undertake large and complex integrations

  • If you do not yet know exactly how to get to the goal, we can help with designing and architecting the solution

Infrastructure makes IT tick

We develop and provide infrastructure for our customers' business critical, and globally scaleable services.

Maintaining understanding

  • Infrastructure services are some cornerstone elements when delivering business critical, and globally scaleable services to our customers.

  • Providing these services  helps us maintain our experience in the key nuts and bolts of how things work.

We provide the full gamut

  1. We consider it is important to be able to deliver these services as this lets us guarantee their quality.

  2. Some of these services include virtualisation, name services, strategic email, text messaging, web, load-balancers, containers, and service gateway hosting.

Service from the same pros

  • The infrastructure services are provided by the same pros who create your solutions

  • Neither service provisioning nor support is outsourced to offshore locations