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Modern identity and access management solutions

Identity and access management has become critically important for organisations. Strong authentication and secure, reliable control over personal data are necessities now and in the future.


Organisations are operating with a growing number of various systems and increasing amount of data. This is where integrations can help – you can automatise many functions, making everyday work more fluent and decrease the risk for human errors.

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We always focus on our customers’ needs

Our main services include identity and access management solutions Trivore ID (for citizens and customers) and Trivore eIAM (for IT infrastructure, employees, and partners), as well as customer-specific solutions (software development customised for the customer).

Trivore’s products are unique, as they are 100 % designed and developed by us. We do active product development based on our own visions and our customers’ needs. As a Finnish company, we don’t transfer or process your organisation’s data outside Finland, unless otherwise agreed.


We can implement our services as:

  • SaaS solution from our secure data centers
  • On-premise solution from your own data center.


Flexible and customer-oriented approach:

  • We provide transparency to the system for our customers
  • There are numerous customisation possibilities
  • We offer flexible license agreements.

Trivore eIAM

Trivore eIAM allows your organisation to manage all users, access rights, and IT services with one tool.

Accessing needed information has to be quick and easy in modern work culture, and the life cycle of user data has to stay updated.

Our system enables user and service access management, single sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication (MFA), and rights management. On top of this, our eIAM includes the needed integrations and API management for automatisation of changes and management of the user account life cycle (IGA).

Trivore’s eIAM is a modern, versatile, and adjustable solution.

Trivore ID

Trivore ID is an intelligent identity management service and a data pool, which works as the core system for many of our customers’ services. It functions both as a customer register and as a single sign-on system.

Trivore ID is typically used for customer identity management. Trivore ID makes it possible to integrate the user data to different external systems, and you can also use these integrations to enrich the data.

Trivore ID includes support for GDPR processes. This can be extended to the integrated systems.

Trivore ID is suitable for organisations in any industry, and our customers already come from many fields in both private and public sectors.

Suitable solutions for every organisation

Software development designed for the customer

Integrations help with growing number of various systems and increasing amount of data. They can be used to automatise many functions, making everyday work more fluent and decrease the risk for human errors.

All our products are highly scalable and always centered around each customer’s unique needs. Years of product development have led to products with a great selection of potential functionalities. We are always keen to sit around the planning table or learn a new programming language, should it help us with providing our customer the best customised product.

Our strength as a product house is highly customisable products with customer-specific software development. We have limited our product development to the features for which there is a high demand. However, we know our customers have complex needs. We can add new features serving specifically their business needs to our core product with agile software development. This has been our way of working since the beginning, and it has led to high customer satisfaction as well as unique customer solutions unlike any other in the market.

Open ID Connect certified solution

The Open ID Connect API is in the core of identifying users. We use this as a part of our product, and our product is one of the few solutions in the world to be certified by the Open ID Foundation.

The certification guarantees that our solutions compatibility and cyber security align with the standard. This ensures seamless integrations between different systems for, for example, single sign-on.

Continuous product development

Since change is constant and fast in the internet, it is a top priority to ensure that your organisation’s practices and services in use are up-to-date.


This is why we at Trivore make sure we keep thinking forward and quickly adapt to changes. We use modern technologies and do constant product development and research. This way our products and services can truly meet the needs of all new challenges.

We would like to tell you more about our solutions for your organisation

Trivore eIAM is customised based on your needs. If you would like to hear more about Trivore’s IAM solution and it’s possibilities for your organisation, we’d like to discuss more how our solution would suit your organisation.