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References 21/09/2023

Customer reference: Hundreds of thousands of identified passengers in Finnish public transport – every day

Waltti Solutions Oy is a leading provider of IT solutions for public transportation in Finland’s urban areas. Every day, Waltti’s customers carry hundreds of thousands…
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References 14/09/2023

Customer reference: Pictue grants easy access to the photos in its mobile app – but only to the right people for the right reasons

When you are in the fast-moving software business, plan to go global, and deal with customer data that is partially extremely sensitive, you want to…
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We 19/05/2022

From Texas to Trivore – the internship taught Gisselle about Finnish language and work culture

Gisselle Lehtinen moved to Finland in January 2020 after graduating from the University of Houston with a BBA in Management Information Systems. At the moment Gisselle is learning…
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News 13/11/2020

What's in your eWallet?

What's in your eWallet? By Kari Mattson Digital wallets at your service One of the many features of the Trivore Identity Service (TIS) that we…
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News 20/10/2020

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About eSIM (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Kari Mattson, January 21, 2020 What is this eSIM thingy, anyway? Pretty soon you may not need a SIM card in your phone as growing…
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News 18/12/2019

Trivore supporting public transportation

Trivore and our very own Kari Mattsson were recently featured in Suomidigi, a website supporting and looking at the state of the digitalization of the…
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News 22/09/2019

Trivore Identity Service Client SDKs released

Trivore Identity Service Client SDKs released By Kari Mattsson on September 22th, 2019 The SDKs are out! The often requested, fully documented Trivore Identity Service Client…
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News 20/09/2019

OpenID Connect™ Certification for Trivore Identity Service

OpenID Connect™ Certification for Trivore Identity Service By Kari Mattsson on September 20th, 2019 Trivore Corporation has on August 26, 2019 certified that Trivore Identity…
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