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One of the most versatile identity and access management systems in the market

Trivore ID is a modern, cost-efficient and flexible identity and access management platform between end-users and background systems. Our product ensures that you don’t have to build a complicated user authentication process yourself, as you’ll get a product which scales to your business.

Thanks to our product’s excellent integrations, it can communicate seamlessly with your organisation’s other systems. We have experience of over 5 million identities managed in our system, which indicates the scalability of our product. Trivore ID is a trusted tool for many companies and organisations in the public sector.

Trivore ID is suitable for any industry. It combines the management of basic user information and the possibility to grant accesses to various applications. Authentication and signing in are in the core of Trivore ID, but the possibilities are vast. With our product, your organisation can, for example:

  • Implement centralised user consent for end-users
  • Implement single sign-on (SSO) between applications
  • Take care of user data management so that it complies with GDPR

Trivore ID is OpenID Connect (OIDC) certified solution, and several APIs make Trivore ID suitable to be used in various services. Our platform also provides email and SMS authentication possibilities when registering identities.

Trivore ID can be implemented as:

  • SaaS
  • On our customer’s cloud
  • On-premise

Trivore ID features:


Signing in and user registration

Trivore ID includes versatile options for signing in. They can be customised based on our customer’s needs. Multi-factored authentication (MFA), management of one’s own data, and single-sign on (SSO) are supported core features. Support for various user directories enables signing in with, for example, Microsoft Azure AD account.


Role-based access management

User management, groups, roles, and rights are access management’s core functions. In addition to users, you can use access management on API clients as well, thanks to built-in API management.


Integratable system

Global user directories and other services can be linked to Trivore’s solution with integrations. Trivore ID supports OpenID Connect, SAML, and LDAP protocols. REST APIs enable straightforward use of data.


Versatile customer account management

Customer data can be stored to user account specific data warehouses, from where the data can be used in other services via APIs. Customer groups can be created automatically based on attributes, thanks to dynamic groups.


Scalability and flexibility

Trivore ID enables management for even millions of user identities, whether it is delivered as on-premise or SaaS. Since the product is completely Trivore’s own, we can be more flexible, for example, with changes to the number of licenses.


Management UI

User accounts, API management, logs, and access management are easily accessed in one user interface, which allows you to customise system settings without complicated configurations or without admins needing to log in to application servers.



All additions, changes, and removals in the system leave a trace in the log, which is stored in separate, secure database. The customer and Trivore define together how long the log data is stored, and we make sure that the solution is GDPR compliant.

Supported user authentication methods in Trivore ID include:

  • Trivore ID database
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Apple ID
  • Google account
  • Microsoft account
  • Azure AD
  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
  • Facebook
  • authentication
  • MPASSid
  • Opinsys
  • Simple REST API

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