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IAM is the basis for the modern, digital work culture

Identity and access management has become critically important for modern organisations. Strong authentication, role-based access management, and automation between systems are invaluable for a well-functioning IT infrastructure.

We bring something completely new to the IAM market

It is not easy to operate an organisation in our time. Digitalisation is the key to many new competitive advantages and organisation’s core business is produced with cloud services. The operations of modern organisations are guided by various digital systems.

Rapid increase in the number of systems needed in everyday work has two sides. On one hand, they include many vital tools needed in contemporary organisations. On the other hand, they create an array of new challenges. Cyber security risks and expenses are increasing with the rise of cloud services. Forgotten passwords, missing access rights, and frustrating manual data processing are some of the more mundane troubles. In addition, more serious threats, such as cyber-attacks and mistakes with sensitive personal data are becoming a part of everyone’s life.

Trivore’s identity and access management solution tackles these challenges with the famous Finnish ’sisu’, courage, and technical innovativeness. We don’t want to give the World just another IAM product, but something more: we give you our enhanced IAM, eIAM.

To create eIAM, we have utilised our vast knowledge and experience in this field. Our experience comes from the years of developing our own Trivore ID and integration platform. Our newest product’s core is designed on a highly efficient microservices architecture. We have created a platform in which the traffic capacity or speed of messages do not limit the future use.

Welcome to the new era of digital world.

Benefits of being our eIAM customer:


You save time

There are time saving automations between systems which make your days smoother and save valuable time.


You save money

Things such as enhanced control over your IT licenses bring significant cost efficiency for the IT organisation.


You manage identities and user data

This is a powerful tool for life cycle management for customer, citizen, and employee identities. eIAM also gives you centralised user data management.


You have secure ways of authentication

eIAM enables strong authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), and MFA, making authentication secure.


Your IT infrastructure is more secure

eIAM supports the Zero Trust procedures and management of privildeged access rights.


Following the laws and regulations is more agile

eIAM has tools to help you follow laws and regulations, such as GDPR and NIS2.

How does Trivore eIAM work?

Centralised and secure user management

Our system gives you a single control point where you can manage users, access rights, and life cycles. Secure integrations take care of communication between systems.

Authentication portal and strong authentication

A separate portal can be used for user authentication. eIAM supports multi-factor authentication (MFA). After authentication, the user has access to the applications and services based on their role.

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) between systems

Applications used by the organisation can utilise SSO via widely used and cybersecure protocols, such as Open ID Connect and SAML. With single sign-on, the user can navigate between the organisation’s various applications within their access rights.

Scalable management for access rights

Trivore eIAM considers the needs of big organisations and corporations. Multiple roles and access rights, all with their own life cycles, can be granted to identities. Access right management makes it easy to manage additional access rights, in which case the validation can be multi-factored and/or automatised.

Role-based application portal

After signing in, the users have their own application portal. The portal’s contents are based on the applications and other information to which the user has been granted access. The portal can be customised to align with your organisation’s visual brand.

Automations to other systems

The eIAM product makes it possible to manage the life cycle of identities in external systems (Identity Governance and Administration, IGA). The eIAM product functions as the master for identity data. Changes made to the user account in eIAM are automatically updated to background systems. This decreases the need for operative administrative work, and user accounts and license fees don’t stay active by mistake after access rights are no longer needed.

Processing personal data

Our product ensures that all personal data is collected and processed in compliance with GDPR. User Consents can cover all services included in single sign-on. When it comes to EU regulations, we can guarantee that all the data in our systems is stored in Finnish data centers and our eIAM is maintained and developed in Finland.

What makes us different:


Our service architecture

New service APIs can flexibly be added to our service architecture.


Industry independence

Our product is designed as industry independent, meaning that it suits organisations operating in any field.


Customer-centric thinking

Customer-specific software development as a part of product APIs enables system automation and identity management in even the most special cases, which are not supported by other commercial products.


We are European option

Trivore is a rare European option for identity and access management, and all our systems’  data is stored securely in Finland.


The price

Our solution is truly cost-efficient option, and you still get the best quality.


The service

We are dedicated to knowing our customers personally. You will always get personal service with us.

Ask us more about getting Trivore eIAM for your organisation

Trivore eIAM is customised for each customer based on needs. If you would like to hear more about the possibilities Trivore eIAM has for your organisation, we would love to hear from you.