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About us

Over 20 years of passionate work in the IT industry and software development have led us here: we are now a group of versatile, talented Trivoreans and we have developed a truly modern solution for organisations’ identity and access management needs.

Our mission

Trivore’s mission is to be the strategic trailblaizer of software development: we choose our own paths.

This means that we don’t settle for the easiest solutions if they are not the best ones too. We are not afraid to challenge, test, and find new ways to do things.

We want to provide our customers the best, secure, and modern way for identity and access management in the jungle of digital systems, which keeps growing more and more complicated.

Our values

Values are worth nothing if they are all just talk, no actions. We want to make sure that we bring our values into our everyday work.

Independence as a value means that our work is not dependent on investors or external organisations. This gives us full freedom: we can always choose the best solutions for us and our customers.

Agility has always been an important part of what makes Trivore the company it is. We have grown a lot, but we are still very much ’human-sized’. We adapt to changes easily, and we can do quick turns if needed.

And where would we be without curiosity? Curiosity leads Trivore to continuous explorations to the depths of code, helps us see things differently, and opens our minds when we are looking for solutions for our customers.

Our work is solid as rock, but we want to wrap it in soft values, too. Our products might be our passion, but there is nothing without our people. Humanity and empathy mean that we always meet Trivoreans and our customers as people, and we acknowledge the good and the bad things that life brings everyone. We celebrate success stories together, and adapt our ways of working if the life situation needs it. Equality is our final value – something we want to constantly work towards.

No hasty solutions

Our software is always designed and developed with a long life cycle in mind. We keep our products up-to-date and modern with regular updates. Our ID product is ISO 9001 certified, which means that we are constantly monitoring the quality of our work and products. We don’t look for hasty solutions – we want to find the ways to create something stable and lasting.

Future-minded actions

We want to be part of the more sustainable future of IT industry. This is why we are moving all our services to a certified climate-neutral server room, which uses 100 % renewable wind and sun energy.

On the path to growth

The number of Trivoreans has more than doubled in the past few years. Our growth isn’t slowing down, and we are always happy to welcome more great people to our team. If you would like to be a Trivorean too, take a look at our career page to see what we have to offer.

Customer in the focus

Trivore’s business has always been customer-centric. It is most important to us that our solutions are truly useful for our customers and that they make the everyday work easier in the organisations. Please read more about our products or contact us, if you have a feeling that we could be the right partner for your organisation in the identity and access management.

What makes us Trivoreans

Our team of Trivoreans consists of great knowledge, impressive know-how, various talents, and both expected and unexpected skills. We come from varying backgrounds, and our group includes personalities of all kinds. Good work community is important to the Trivoreans, and even though Trivore has flexible remote working policies, our people truly enjoy spending time at the office with colleagues.


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