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Career at Trivore

Trivoreans are a group of people with many talents and versatile backgrounds. Some of us have been part of Trivore’s story from the earliest years, and some of us have just joined the team. We all share the curiosity towards new possibilities and an endless passion for what we are doing.

You can be a Trivorean anywhere

Trivore’s story began in 2001 in Turku, Finland. Our main office is still located in the beautiful old capital of Finland, but in 2023 we expanded to another big Finnish city, Seinäjoki, and set up a second office there. We also have people working remotely all over Finland.

Our work community welcomes everyone just as they are. Some of us are more extroverted, some more introverted, and everyone finds their place in the team. Everyone has room to grow and reach their full potential.

The team of Trivoreans has been rapidly growing and our team has tripled in size in the recent years. There is still room for more great people to join Trivore: maybe it is you who we are looking for?

We are not waiting for you empty handed – this is what we offer:

Great occupational health care and insurance

We want to support our employees’ psychological and physical wellbeing with a great occupational health care. Our health care provider is Heltti, a company specialised in knowledge workers. We also provide our employees an insurance which covers accidents even on free time.

Continuous learning

We believe that learning is a life-long process, and we want to support learning and developing new skills while working. We provide our employees LinkedIn Learning licenses and two hours every week can be used for these courses. LinkedIn Learning can be used anytime, so you don’t have to limit yourself to work-related learning!

Lunch, phone, culture and sports benefits

These benefits are meant to boost your wellbeing both in and outside work. You can enjoy delicious discounted lunches, relax with massages, experience culture events, and find the best sports just for you.

Interesting, meaningful, and versatile projects

The products we sell are completely our own, which means that there are a lot of fascinating and versatile development and operative projects. We have nice and interesting customers with meaningful projects.

First-class equipment and software

Whether you like Windows, Linux, or Mac, we don’t discriminate! You can choose the operating system which helps you work in the most ideal way for you. You don’t necessary have to know which equipment would be best for your job, as you will get guidance from our seasoned experts.

Comfortable and ergonomy-friendly offices

We have offices in Turku and Seinäjoki. Both offices are located so that they are easy to reach. Our offices have great adjustable desks and chairs, as well as plenty of equipment to help you stretch and do a light exercise during the work day.

Flexible remote working policy

Even though we enjoy spending time at the office with other Trivoreans, there is also good equipment and flexible policies when it comes to remote working. You can work remotely from anywhere, as long as it is a secure location where you can work in peace. At the moment, some Trivoreans are working 100 % from the office, some 100 % remotely, and some of us have chosen the hybrid way of working. This means that being Trivorean is not limited by your location!

Flexible work time

Flexibe work time makes combining work and leisure time easy. For us, flexible work time means that you can start your work any time between 6am-10am, and finish your work day between 2pm-6pm. Normal work day is 7h 30min, but thanks to the flexible work time, you can adjust the length of the working day based on your needs. It also allows you to run personal errands even in the middle of the working day, if needed.

Do you hear Trivore calling your name?

Don’t wait any longer – check our open positions and join our team: