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Trivore Identity Service Client SDKs released

News 22/09/2019

Trivore Identity Service Client SDKs released

By Kari Mattsson on September 22th, 2019

The SDKs are out!

The often requested, fully documented Trivore Identity Service Client SDKs for Java and Python are now available. The SDKs let developers increase their productivity and get the most of of the comprehensive Trivore Identity Service APIs to create beautiful identity-driven applications.

Why does the SDK matter?

The SDK helps our customers (and us, too!) to create robust Identity-driven applications powered by Trivore Identity Service faster and more easily. The SDK leverages the robust Trivore Identity Service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and contains technical documentation, sample code, and other tools that help a developer be more efficient and deliver better applications.

The difference between and SDK and an API

An API is essentially a clear set of rules, or protocols, for interacting with a system. As long as a programmer knows how to use the right protocols they can successfully accomplish the tasks they want to complete on the platform. An API is like a recipe, it’s a set of clear instructions. Companies often use APIs to give external parties access to their data or systems. An SDK is more like a box of cake mix. It has everything you’ll need to make a cake quickly and easily.

What about other languages?

While Python and Java are the most common languages used to develop applications powered by Trivore Identity Service, we are working on other languages, too.

The next planned languages are Go and Javascript. The release schedule is not fully confirmed yet but we expect the release to happen in late 2019 or very early in 2020. Stay tuned for details.

If you are a Trivore customer and have a need for an SDK for another language, drop us a line and we will certainly consider your request.

Where can I get it?

You can download the SDKs for both Java and Python from our Gitlab public page.

The Java version will also be shortly available on Maven Central and the Python version on PyPI.

You can find documentation and other goodies from the Trivore Identity Service support site.

About Trivore Corporation

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